I’ve been kindly invited by MetricStream to be the keynote speaker on a quite complex subject we all IT people, sooner or later, struggle with.

Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) are essential for developing and managing an effective risk management program. According to ISACA, “KRIs are metrics capable of showing that the organization is subject or has high probability of being subject to a risk that exceeds the defined risk appetite”.
However, identifying and measuring the “right” KRIs for your organization can be challenging. KRIs have to be tailored to organizations operating environment and internal operations, there is no standard set of KRIs that can be applied across organizaitons.

In this 30min webinar, see presentation below, I have addressed:

  • What are KRIs and how they differ from KPIs and KCIs
  • Why KPIs are important to your IT
  • How to select the right set of KRIs for your IT organization
  • How to leverage from KRIs for effective IT Risk Management and improving business performance.


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